Exploring China – the untouched region for travelers

Exploring China – the untouched region for travelers

Planning a vacation is always tedious. There are numerous places to tour, and it becomes challenging to choose an appropriate destination. China, for a homeland of its large size and geographic location, has a lot to offer for tourists. Nonetheless, most people discover it challenging to go through the vast natural and man-made attractions.

Mount Huangshan, Anhui

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Huangshan, delivers a splendid opportunity for people to explore the loveliest mountain in China. The natural rock formations, hot springs and oddly shaped pines are a spectacular watch for tourists. The 1863 m mountain leaves a splendid experience for the tourist. People can also visit the 900-year-old Hongcun village, as it is known for its distinctive and tranquil vibe and architecture. Exploring the Heritage Village, passing through the narrow lines and overlooking the farmers working in the rice fields are a great visual experience for any person.

Mount Wuyi, Fujian

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Mount Wuyi, is a major attraction in southeast China. The mountain has a great history. It acted as the setting for the spread and development of neo-Confucianism. Exploring the mountain in the bamboo raft is a popular activity. It is also a reliable method to enjoy the serene natural beauty, clear water and smooth peaks of the mountain. The bamboo raft drifting is an 8 km trip spanning across the natural lake surrounding the mountain.

Huangguoshu Waterfall, Guizhou

It is one of the highest waterfalls in Asia and plunges to a height of 77.8 m spanning 101 m wide. It is one among the mammoth waterfalls across the planet that is accessible for viewing at any angle. Visiting the region between June and August is a great way to get the splendid view of the waterfall. The water reaches the peak flow at this time and has massive 700 cubic meter water per second flow.

Chengde Mountain resort, Hebei

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, this mountain resort, was once a summer Palace for the emperors of the Qing dynasty. What remains today is at the 70 m pagoda, and the delicate gardens spread across the valley. People have the opportunity to explore the marvelous mountains and experience the tranquil valley, which keeps the hectic life of the city from far away limits.

Exploring China is always a difficult task for many people. The massive size of the country and varied geometry makes it challenging. The above are a few of the important destinations that will spellbind any person visiting the country. The proper planning is crucial to experiencing the best of the country and locations. People will surely appreciate the country’s natural and man-made attractions. The terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City and the skyscraper forest are other attractions that magnificent and unexplored. China has a good number of beautiful places to visit. People have to explore the regions and the places and it would take a number of visits to cover the regions beautiful locations. It is only a matter of time before people appreciate the culture and history of China.