Few Easy Steps to Make Vanilla Extract At Home

The vanilla essence is of great use when it comes to baking cakes and other similar bake food. It helps to enhance the taste and flavor of the cake and therefore, it is a must added item when you bake a cake. Now the thing is that you can get vanilla extracts very easily from any of the nearby stores to your place but a single bottle of vanilla extract is expensive enough. When you have to bake more than one cake like for the Christmas then you may need more than one bottle of vanilla extract which may cost you more than a pinch. Therefore, why not learn vanilla extract at home? It’s quite easy and affordable as well. if you are into baking and stuff then, you must learn how to make vanilla extracts at home.

How to prepare vanilla extract at home?

You will need the following supplies in order to prepare vanilla extract at your home:

  1. Vanilla beans
  2. Vodka (cheap ones will do)
  3. Gallon glass jar
  4. A large measuring cup
  5. A coffee filter
  6. A strainer
  7. Glass bottles
  8. A funnel and
  9. Labels

You may get all these items from the local grocery mart. Now let’s check out the instructions.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is cut the vanilla beans in half. Make sure that you cut them lengthwise but leaving about an inch at the end so that they stay together.
  2. After you are done with that put them in the gallon glass jar and pour vodka in it. Put the lid back on and leave it in a dark place and wait for about 6 months.Few Easy Steps to Make Vanilla Extract At Home

Oops! I forgot to mention that it will take you about half a year to prepare vanilla extracts. Now you know why they are so expensive. But once you learn to make it you may make jars of vanilla extracts at one go and then use it throughout the year.

  1. After waiting for 6 months now it’s time to take the vanilla out the glass jar. In order to do so, first put the coffee filter into the strainer and then place the measuring cup.
  2. Now pour the vanilla into the coffee filter.Few Easy Steps to Make Vanilla Extract At Home
  3. Pour it into the bottles and let the bottles dry outside. It will be better than you use a dark glass bottle.
  4. Now put the labels on the bottles.

There you have your bottles of vanilla extract ready to be put to use. Since you have put labels on the bottles you can even gift it to your friends and relatives who are into baking just like you. But don’t forget to tie a ribbon on the bottles just to make it a little better.

Well, that’s how you make vanilla extract at home. It requires patience to make such a lovely thing but it’s totally worth it. You can make jars of vanilla extracts at one go so that you don’t have to make it again and then wait for 6 more months again. This way you will be able to save some cash which you would have otherwise spent on buying bottles vanilla extracts during the Christmas season.

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Few Easy Steps to Make Vanilla Extract At Home