Flower Ice DIY

I do some work in the garden industry and I know when people are itching for spring – even with all the cold a lot of us experienced this past week, gardening has been in the forefront of everyone’s mind! I’m not going to lie, while I’m not ready for the yard work I am however, ready for fresh greens. Even during winter I like to keep dianthus around, it keeps me from getting too antsy for spring and it’s perfect for garnishing meals or the ice in drinks!


  • Ice tray
  • Dianthus petals (make sure you know how they were treated as some are treated with things that shouldn’t be consumed)
  • Pot of cooled boiled water

Boiling the water is a very important step for making clear ice as is cooling the water so the trays don’t melt and the flowers don’t shrivel.

Flower Ice DIYFill ice trays with water and wedge flower petals so that they don’t float to the top.

Flower Ice DIYPlace trays in freezer and freeze for several hours.

Flower Ice DIYOnce solid they are ready to use for your next party or brighten up your day anytime!

Flower Ice DIY

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