Food Storage Solutions

The best thing about Food Storage is the sense of peace that it gives you knowing that you are prepared for emergencies. Be it a loss of job, natural disaster or the zombie apocalypse the “What will we eat?!!” solution is covered. The worst thing? Where the heck to store your storage.

Food Storage SolutionsI have a super simple solution for you. And it solves several problems at once. Store your food under the bed! Especially in the kids’ room. No more endless fights about cleaning all the lost items out from under their beds! Most people would be horrified to lift up the mattress of in their 9 year old boys room and see what lurks beneath.

Food Storage SolutionsYou could even go a step further and organize your food storage and emergency supplies under different beds. #10 cans under one bed, beans and rice under another, medical and sanitary items in the guest room or even water under your bed (that’s where I keep mine!). I never thought I could ever say this… but now I am: Separating out your storage like that would also help if you needed to leave quick and wanted to grab certain supplies. Just recently we were evacuated from our home due to a wildfire and knowing what I had and where it was made what we were going through a little bit easier.

Now you might have some food storage and think why get so much that you have to store it under the bed?!? You’d probably be surprised if you knew how much you should actually store. It’s shocking. Whether you plan on storing enough for a family of 2 or 10, and for 3, 6 or even 12 months worth you should check out my Emergency Preparedness & Food Storage: What do I need? post. You will find a list of how much to store per person as well as a food calculator that will tell you how much total for your sized family!

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Food Storage Solutions