For low budget vacations travel to India

When thinking of travelling in some other country, it is the budget which usually restricts us. Just thinking about the travelling fares, the accommodation charges, transportation and food just diverts our mind. However, there are many destinations in the world, which allows one to enjoy cheap travelling and vacations, especially in those countries in the east, which offers cheap vacations with some excellent services and places to discover. One such country to discover is India which is also known as the sub continent, especially why it was joined with Pakistan.
For low budget vacations travel to India
India for low budget travelling
India is a land of beauty, with completely eastern traditional and culture and also some excellent eastern food. When travelling from west to India, it can be the best vacation in terms of budget since the dollar exchange rate there is good and one can find some excellent services in a low amount. There are many places to discover in India, from the beautiful temples, worship places to the beautiful beaches and northern mountainous areas. India is full of surprises with its warm people to welcome you in their culture.

The cultural attraction
When you will be travelling in India, you will see women wearing long clothes fabric wrapped around themselves which is called ‘Saree’. Many of them will also have the fabric on their heads and will have a red spot on their forehead and also between their eyebrows which is known as the ‘Bindiya’ and ‘Sindoor’. This is a very interesting tradition in Indians’, they apply Bindiya as a jewel and following their gods, while the females apply Sindoor to show that they are married and many of them believe it is for the long life of their husbands.

The religion and festivals
Indians have different types of events in their religion, the most entertaining and the one which attracts a lot of tourists is the Holi and Diwali. During the Holi, the families throw colors on each other in power and liquid form, this is a religious festival and is full of colors and people enjoy it a lot. The Diwali is festival of celebrations and it’s almost like Christmas for Christians and Eid for Muslims. Children and adults enjoy themselves by fireworks and some grand food.

The worshiping places like temples in India are countless. All temples have different events going on since there are many gods in the Hindu religion and different temples have different practices. The infrastructures of the temples are very attractive and so are the practices being carried out by the Indians. One of the most famous coastal areas of the India is Goa which is equally good as the beaches present in the west. The white sand, palm trees, blue sea and the luxurious hotels and resorts are worth to spend on during the vacations. Before going to vacations, one should take care about various factors like budget, duration, travel and accommodation services. It can be useful to use the internet source.