Freaky Flowerpot

The Challenge:  Create a “freaky flowerpot” without spending more than $4.99.

I had several ideas rolling around in my head, and then I spotted it: the cute little metal pail that E has had for years that was holding a bunch of marbles he no longer used.

Freaky Flowerpot I’m actually not one to decorate for Halloween (I decorate for the whole Autumn season instead), but I love the use of purple in Halloween decorations, so I didn’t even need to paint the pail!

You know what else is freaky?  Neon green fur and a bunch of eyeballs.

Freaky Flowerpot

I cut a strip of the fabric to match the diameter of the top of the pail and dug out a package of googly eyes from a craft that we did at E’s birthday party years ago.  Then I busted out the low-temp glue gun and glued everything onto the pail.  Fast, easy, and fun!   Add some interesting Echinacea flowers from our garden, and we’ve got ourselves a “Freaky Flowerpot.”

This would be a cool project to do with your kiddos using a clay pot and faux fur trim from the craft store.

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Freaky Flowerpot