Fridge Pen Holder

The fridge is the second source of life blood in a home, we congregate around it, we sneak midnight snacks from it, we hang our children’s pictures with pride on its metallic surface and then there’s that ever elusive pen. We like to jot notes down on our fridge pads, but there’s never a pen in sight, but now you can put that worry to rest with a magnet… oh my gosh it sounds like another infomercial. No seriously now you won’t have to worry about missing pens anymore with a magnetic pen holder for the fridge! This project is nearly free and solves a very aggravating problem!


  • Tin (with at least one flat side)
  • Two magnets
  • E6000 Glue
  • A handful of your missing pens

For the tin just make sure it has at least one flat side (and not tooooo big) and is half the height of the pen. Glue two magnets onto your tin like so:Fridge Pen Holder

Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours. Hang on your fridge and pop in some pens!

This project will help keep your pens where you can find them, but results are not guaranteed!

Fridge Pen Holder

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