Genial trick: How to fix shrunken clothes

Most clothing items affected in this way come to be forgotten in closets or processed in cloth. But did you know that there is a simple and efficient method by which you can return to the Initial size? To do this you need only two bowls filled with water, baby shampoo and a towel.

Here’s what to do:
In the first one put a  couple of spoons of baby shampoo and mix it a little bit. Then fold your cloth item so it fits into the bowl, and  slowly let it sink to the bottom of the bowl, on its own. This it’s going to take a while so you have to walk away from it for 15 minutes and come back once the cloth it’s in the bottom of the bowl. You do that so that the fibers of the cloth slowly absorb the baby shampoo and they open up. After that  gently take the cloth out of the bowl and put it into the second bowl filled with water.  Lay it again and let it sink into that water.

Once it’s down in the water lift it out of that water gently , without  wringing,  without stretching. Move it over onto a towel  and gently roll the cloth in the towel. Roll back and forth to get the most of the water out. Once you did that start stretching the cloth, to get back to size you need. If you need to stretch the sleeves, stretch them too.

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Genial trick: How to fix shrunken clothes