Homemade Bacteria Buster Countertop Spray

Do we really need yet another natural cleaning recipe?!

I have been combing through my new book,The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. The book offers over 600 natural, non-toxic and fragrant recipes to create health and beauty and a safe home environment.[expand title=”Expand and Read More” trigpos=”below”]

In the past we showed you recipes for diy natural cleaning recipes, and while they are fine, today we want to share with you how to make yet another, all-natural bacteria buster for your countertops with only 4 easy to find ingredients!
Of which you may already own.

So to answer the question above, we say “YES”, we do need another simple natural cleaner!

As we mentioned we are head over heels in love with our book. There is so much to learn and put to good use. And we hope to bring more recipes to share with you as we find them useful.

We really love this natural cleaning recipe for its simplicity. No soaps, powders etc. to contend with.

Here is a list of bacteria buster essential oils:

    • Cinnamon
    • Clove
    • Lemon
    • Eucalyptus
    • Lavender
    • Pine
    • Niaouli
    • Thyme
  • Grapefruit
  • Lime

The majority of essential oils are antiseptics and bactericides, which means they inhibit the growth of bacteria, a major concern in our homes.

Did you know although most essential oils have a therapeutic life of about two years, the disinfecting qualities of eucalyptus oil actually improve with age.

Homemade Bacteria Buster Countertop Spray

These are the bacteria busting oils we used in our countertop recipe. You may prefer to use a combination of the oils in a synergy blend or just stick to one oil. Your choice, because any an all work.

Although we are calling it “conutertop” spray, which may imply kitchen only, this spray could certainly be used in the bath room as well and we do use it their too.

Homemade Bacteria Buster Countertop Spray

If you are not sure where to purchase your essential oils, you may want to try your local health food store or look online.

The glass bottle is a recycled apple cider vinegar bottle and the orange spry pump from another cleaner that we cleaned real well before using here.
Homemade Bacteria Buster Countertop SprayThe smell is so fresh and clean and just lovely. And we love the fact the solution stays clear without coloring’s or additives. It just looks healthier that way.

The countertops seem cleaner without leaving any residue behind like even some natural cleaner sometimes do.

The scent of the essential oils has an uplifting effective on the surroundings and sometimes even when we really don’t need to clean any surfaces we spritz the bacteria buster around on the carpet or just in the air!

This time of the year is a great time to mix up a solution. With the back to school germs that we will be dealing with we need all the preventive measures we can take!

And lets not forget about the money you will save in the long run. Essential oils go a long way used correctly, meaning not using too much at one time. They can be used in many ways from countertop spray to room freshener spray to candle making and the list goes on.

That is why we love this book so much…lots of inspiration!
Homemade Bacteria Buster Countertop SpraySo what do you think? Not too complicated to put together and start some bacteria busting in you home!

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