How Prone he is to Adultery, depending on his Zodiac Sign

Will he be faithful to you his whole life or he will cheat on you at the first occasion? See how tempted he is to cheat on you depending on his zodiac sign!
Zodiac signs of men who cheat often
He is unsure of himself, jealous, possessive and suspicious. Maybe, because “any thief feels to be stolen”, like a saying says. Sensual and impulsive, the Taurus yields to the temptations of the moment and often thinks more with the… penis than with the head.

He is communicative, sociable, but he likes to flirt and he often cheats. He is the kind who manipulates without problems through beautiful words and he knows perfectly how to manipulate the truth, so that everything to come out as he wants. He betrays not only his lovers, but also his friends. He cannot keep secrets.

He seems responsible, hard-working and trusty. In fact, he is a great manipulator. He makes you act in his favor, you will not even realize it, and you can find yourself helping him to cheat on you. Fortunately, he is not the kind of personality who attracts too many women.

Unscrupulous and selfish, the Scorpio is completely defenseless in front of temptations. He is the kind who cheats on you shamelessly, then he acts bouts of jealousy just because you wear a too short skirt. His jealousy and possessiveness increase with the number of affairs which he has.

Sociable and communicative, he flies from flower to flower and you can never completely trust in him. When it seems that you can stake on him, you discover that he had a double life all this time and that, in fact, he hides some unbelievable things.

How prone to adultery are the other zodiac signs

The Aries has a big heart, but, at the same time, he can be very ambitious and unscrupulous. His interest is always on the first place, even if he has to cheat to achieve what he wants. He has a strong temper and it happens that he sabotages his own relationships for a whim.

He is a trustworthy and very devoted man. The Cancers are prone to all kinds of addictions which they know how to hide. They know how to lie about the expenses, about the number of drunk glasses of alcohol, but his capacity to manipulation stops here. He could not cheat on you, it could be on his face.

The Leo has a rather doubtful character. He is selfish and nothing is more important than his happiness, nor the principles, nor someone’s good. He often plays with women and runs the rings around. If he has the chance to cheat, he does not falter.

It is one of the most devoted zodiac signs, but it falls prey to impulses of the moment. Despite the appearance, he is a sensual person and does not resist to temptations, whether they are culinary, sexual, or of other nature. Then he feels sorry and makes everything possible his act not to hurt anybody… so, nobody to find out.

It is one of the most trustworthy zodiac signs on all areas. However, he can be vainglorious and revengeful. If he catches you flirting with someone, his annoyance will not pass until he will serve you with the same sauce, and sometimes he exaggerates with the revenge. If you don’t mistake, he won’t do it as well.

He has a noble character, appreciates sincerity and hates lairs. He does not cheat and does not do anything bad deliberately. However, he is the type of guy who loses rapidly his interest and adores changes. In addition, he can be easily attracted into erotic traps.

He is jealous, possessive and completely out of self-confidence, but he is faithful like an old dog. If he cheats on you, probably it is just a mishap which he sincerely regrets and that will never repeat. But, in general, it is not the case, because he has not enough self-confidence to conquer another woman.

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How Prone he is to Adultery, depending on his Zodiac Sign