How to Clean a Metal Door

Do you have an iron door that needs a settled because it is now so many years, exposed to the elements outside the home, collect rust stains? Well, it is appropriate to follow the instructions below on how to clean this important element of your home. You cannot do without it, would still put off one day find them having to change the entire fixture. The operation will be quite simple and a bit hard effort and patience but you will get a good result.

Make sure you have at hand:

With anti-rust paint for iron included
Drill with a wire brush in the drill
Steel wool
Air compressor

First disassemble lifting up or unscrewing the bolts that support it and if they are rusty or hard, spray a little ‘oil and try again. Reset on two sawhorses stable or on a table and not on a wall because otherwise you will work badly and would not stay still and straight.

With a drill with a wire brush tip removed all traces of rust and paint as far as you can get. In the most difficult areas, such as in the corners, work manually with the steel wool. Operate on both sides and the edges.

Remove any dust with a broom and with an air compressor without leaving anywhere. Protect the floor with paper so as to absorb the drops of color that fall. Now take a paint color you like but make sure that it contains the anti-rust because it lasts longer. With a brush or a professional spray gun evenly distributed the product.

Wait for it to dry at least 24 hours, but covered in a ventilated place and possibly clean, no dust flying back and forth threatening to finish above. Do not run the paint inside the house, the smells acids would make the air breathable and also you risk excessively dirty. Do the same thing for the other side, in the contours and then again on both sides. Do not rush to pass the subsequent coats of color, wait for long intervals as I have suggested, or you’ll run into those pesky lumps and bubbles to be removed require you to do it all over again…

Now you just need to replace the piece and give it the protective paint more often. Do you have a frame like new and the savings are assured. A blacksmith would have wanted a lot of money to do it and these days fend for themselves becomes more and more convenient especially when you run into work fairly easy to do at home!

Never forget: Do not paint inside the house or in places small and closed!

How to Clean a Metal Door

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