How to Clean a Washing Machine

It may seem paradoxical that the machine that washes your clothes are dirty but in thousands of homes happens. Having a dirty washer is precisely what you should avoid so your clothes do not arrive damaged.

Surely, some of you have wondered where does all that dirt that your clothes have before washing, then, that dirt goes through the whole machine and we could hide in the corners that less suspicion. So today we will tell you how to clean washing machine.

Clean Washer

The first thing it is recommended to clean the washing time is that you do at least twice a year. Furthermore, the process of cleaning the machine you are going to present is very simple, fast and economical:

You will need:

  • Hot water
  • Chlorine
  • Vinegar

Step by step:

What you do is fill the washer with hot water, add a little bleach and let the washer as you would with a normal wash cycle.
After the wash cycle ends, you have to do is put another amount of hot water and add a little white vinegar, put the machine back in a cycle and voila, your washing machine will clean and like new.
What makes vinegar and chlorine is clean soap scum and eliminates bacteria. As meets the same route as a wash cycle, the water with these cleaners will travel to all corners of your washer.

More tips to clean the washer

Presently he happened to wear down the rope, you realize that instead of being clean, the washing machine has been responsible for more than dirty it was. That usually happens when you perform a thorough cleaning of the washer. If this occurs, you should do more washes clothes to prevent deterioration and apply this trick to wipe clean the washer.

Most washers have soap dispensers or those little compartments where you put the fabric softener. In these settings are stored waste should be cleaned frequently. Every six weeks is a recommended period.

If the dispensers can be removed, immerse for a few minutes with a little white vinegar.

How to Clean a Washing Machine

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