How to Clean a Wedding Dress Without Damaging It

With the wedding plans people tend to be nervous, is then that occur the majority of accidents that stained and ruined at the last minute dress for the big day. Learn how to clean a wedding dress without damaging it.

Before cleaning a wedding dress need to clarify that the natural fibers or really delicate fabrics is better to send them dry in a dry cleaning, synthetic fabrics especially polyester can be washed by hand at home.

If despite being a natural fabric, you decide to wash at home wedding dress, you must take into account that you can cause irreparable damage.

General bridal shops give tips cleaning according to the materials of the dress, it is best to follow these tips. You should never put the wedding dress in a heavy cycle of washing machine, or use very hot water, abrasive or the dryer cycle very hot. This damages the fabric and rhinestone applications. When washing clothing can fall pearls and glitter, if you still want to clean it at home, you can replace the damaged by new.

You will need:

  • Pre-washed linen peroxide-based spray
  • Liquid detergent for delicate
  • Bar remover or gel
  • Clean towels
  • Chlorine (only in localized places)
  • Heavy duty hook for clothes that do not oxidize
  • Tub bath or large tray (should cover the stained part)
  • Cleaning gloves


Depending on the material of the dress, you clean it in one way or another. If it is synthetic, cotton, linen, or other fabrics, you can wash it at home. But silk can lose its luster and have to be more careful with it. It is not advisable to use washing machine if the applications or fine lace dress.

Before washing the wedding dress performs a test on an inconspicuous part of the dress and tries each one of the products to use. If any damaged tissue you discard it.

Finished this, apply a prewash spray on the spots dress. Let acted and with a soft brush size fabric inside out to remove the stain, never right because you could damage the fabric.

Fill the tub or tray with cold water; add a dust remover (better with oxygen) and mild liquid detergent. Mix well and put the part stained dress, it is easier if you hang it from a hook and hook in the shower. Let stand a few hours the dress in the water until stain fades.

You can leave the night dress in the water tub if you consider it useful. The rhinestones can be damaged with water or chemicals, so we will have to send them to repair or put new. When you see that the wedding dress is free of stains, rinse it gently with a bathtub full of water or using their own shower with a not very strong blast.

It is not advisable to use dryer or iron to dry clothing, dry it you have to let it drain thoroughly in the shower and then over towels outdoors if the weather is favorable and not under full sun. If it is urgent to dry it you can use the dryer and a bag for clothes, but in mild temperature and not much time.

How to Clean a Wedding Dress Without Damaging It

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