How to clean all your brushes

Whether it’s the brushes that you have painted walls, furniture or cosmetics, your brushes need a thorough cleaning. Depending on their purpose, the brushes should be cleaned after each use or at least once a week. Find more information about cleaning these items and how you can maintain a good condition for as long as possible.

Brushes for painting
Paint brushes should be cleaned immediately after use. Otherwise they become rigid and are good to threw.
Cleaning should be done depending on the paint used. If it was a water-based paint, the easiest way is to leave the brush in warm soapy water for at least 5 hours. Finally, put the brush under running water and keep it clean for a few minutes, until it becomes perfectly clear. If the paint was oil-based, the only solution is to rinse them in special solvent. Keep them in this solution for 10 minutes and then rinse them with cold water.

Makeup brushes
Makeup brushes appear to be clean at first glance, especially if you wipe after each use with a napkin. However, makeup brushes gather over time, remnants of makeup, sweat and dead skin. For this reason, washing and disinfecting brushes is mandatory at most a month or even more often if you use it daily.

Fill a plastic bowl with warm water, add some Shampoo and rinse the brushes, gently massaging the hair. Finally rinse brushes with cold water and let them dry hair down and tail up, so that water won’t leak to the root.

Hair brushes
Hair brushes also need a thorough cleaning once every two weeks at most. Beyond that it is recommended to remove hairs that remain after each brushing subject should be cleaned with a brush. Place the hair brush under running warm water, add a little shampoo or liquid soap and pass a small brush through plastic brushes. Then rinse with warm water and let it dry brush down. Eventually position the hairbrush near a source of heat to dry faster.

Brushes clothes / shoes
Brushes for clothes and shoes gather a lot of dust and dirt outside, which is why their cleaning should not be neglected. First they need disinfection. For starters soak brushes in warm water with liquid detergent, rinse them, then soak them in water with a little vinegar. Finally rinse brushes with cold water and let them dry.

Carpet brushes
Despite the latest vacuum cleaners, carpet brush seems to remain the only one that manages to convey freshness carpets in the house. They gather more lint and hair, which means it should be cleaned after each use. After you remove the lint brush, leave this one to soak in warm water with vinegar and a teaspoon of bicarbonate. After 10 minutes rinse the brush with warm water and leave it to dry.

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How to clean all your brushes