How to Clean your Chimney in 3 EASY WAYS

If you think you can clean your chimney yourself, here are a few ways to go about it. Preparation is extremely important so be sure to cover all furniture with tarps and get all the necessary tools.


There are two variations of this method. The Top Down method and the Bottom Up method.

For the Top Down method you will need to climb onto the roof. A chimney brush must then be inserted into the opening at the top of the chimney. The chimney brush you use has to have flexible rods in order to properly clean everything. This will allow you to scrub the sides of the chimney by moving the chimney brush up and down. This method is the best if you want to avoid making a mess within your house, as you can close the fireplace off inside the house to prevent any ash and soot from going inside.

The Bottom Up method is similar to the Top Down method, except you are working from the inside of your house. This is much safer as there is no need to climb a ladder onto the roof, but it does result in a larger cleanup having to be performed on the inside of the house. If you decide to use this method, it would be a good idea to cover your furniture with tarps to prevent the ash and soot from staining anything.


For this method, you won’t be using flexible chimney brushes, but instead rope, weights and pull rings. This method is a bit more complicated but also results in less of a cleanup and labor. After you’ve set up the rope and pull rings you will have to add weights onto the brush. The weights will raise and lower the brush which will result in the chimney walls getting scrubber clean. You can close off the opening of the fireplace in your house to keep your house clean inside.


This method requires a minimum of two people to clean the chimney. Similarly, to the Weight method, a rope and pull rings will be used. The rope and pull ring must be attached to both sides of the brush. One of the people helping has to take the brush up to the roof. There, they have to drop the brush down the chimney while holding onto the rope. The other person has to be inside the house. Once the brush is dropped down, the second person must take the other end of the rope. After this the two must take turns pulling the rope in order to scrub the chimney clean. This method is extremely messy, so it is recommended to cover furniture with tarps and to wear old clothing.

If none of these methods sounds appealing to you, it would be better to hire someone to come clean your chimney.

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