How to Clean Your Pillows and Mattress

I usually get new pillows every year (as an anniversary present to myself) but the pillows that go inside my decorative shams usually don’t get replaced… ever… and they end up looking very yellow. So to remedy yellow pillows, throw two pillows in the washing machine with detergent. Add some extra bleach. Throw in a CLEAN tennis ball and wash on hot. All done!

To dry them just throw them in the dryer on low heat with the tennis ball. The ball helps to keep the pillow from gathering its batting to one side. No one likes lopsided pillows. Except for people with lopsided heads. But that’s not me. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you if you are one of those people.

How to Clean Your Pillows and MattressI will say this. I washed probably ten pillows yesterday. My lower quality (as in my 4 dollar Walmart pillows) were more lopsided than my high-quality pillows (my 15 dollar Costco pillows). But overall they were not bad at all. Totally worth washing them.  Ps my pillows turned out infinitely more white and smelled much better. 🙂

How to clean your mattress: 

I always wish there was a place you could take your King sized mattress and they would dry clean it for you. But since that place doesn’t exist, we will have to get creative. This is how I clean my mattress. I do this probably every other time I wash my sheets. While the sheets are in the washer I just do a quick clean of the mattress to keep it nice.

Step 1: Scrub any stains out using vinegar on a rag.
Step 2: Sprinkle mattress with baking soda.
Step 3. Vacuum off baking soda. If you don’t have a wand on your vacuum (I don’t), you can literally put your vacuum right up on your bed and vacuum it like you would your carpet. Do you look strange? Yes. Does it work? Yes.
Step 4: Spray with Febreze. I don’t enjoy my mattress smelling like vinegar. The Febreze is just for the smell, it should be pretty clean by now.

Let it air dry until your sheets are done and make the bed! Boom baby!

Between this post and the one on how to clean your comforter at homeHow to Clean Your Pillows and MattressI think you guys will have the freshest cribs on the block! Ooh! Double Pun! I am so gangsta. I could be a hip-cat-daddio or a motor-bike rider. Can you pick up what I’m layin’ down? I knew that you could. Slide me some skin soul brother!

Happy scrubbing… and getting “krunk”!

How to Clean Your Pillows and Mattress

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