How to freshen up your towels

If your smelly old crunchy towels need a little freshening up, I have some tips and suggestions for you to get them Spring-fresh once again.

Here are my tips to freshen up your towels

1) First of all, never put wet towels in the hamper. That’s how they can get stinky! Always let your towels air dry.

2) To wash your towels, start with a clean washing machine. Run an empty load on the cleaning cycle or with just hot water and bleach. I cleaned my washer out in the morning and then let the washer sit with the door open all day when I was at work.

3) When you are ready to wash, don’t over-fill the washing machine. The towels have to be able to move around freely in the washer.

4) Wash in hot water or if you have a washing machine with a sanitizing option, use that.

5) You can use a laundry booster to soften the water and to help neutralize odors such as Borax, OxyClean, or plain old baking soda with your regular detergent; just don’t use as much detergent.

6) If you use a little bleach in addition to your detergent, your towels will be whiter but the bleach will weaken the fibers on the towel over time and your towels might not last as long.

7) Do not use fabric softener with your towels. Fabric softeners can leave a coating on your towels and that coating will eventually make your towels water repellent – that’s not going to dry you, is it?

8) Don’t use a dryer sheet either, they are just covered in chemical fabric softeners. The chemicals rub off the dryer sheet and coat your towels, yuck. You could use a dryer ball if you want, they help soften fabrics without any nasty chemicals.

9) Put your towels in the dryer as soon as they are done washing and make sure they are completely dry before folding and putting away.

10) If all that doesn’t work for you, or if your towels are super duper stinky, you could try this method: wash your towels in a complete cycle with hot water and white vinegar only, then run a complete cycle again with hot water and baking soda only. Don’t combine the vinegar and the baking soda, you will get a chemical reaction resembling a volcano. Don’t use bleach with this method.

With those few steps, your towels should look and feel as good as new! Do you have any more tips or suggestions? Please let me know in the comments section below.

How to freshen up your towels

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