How to make a stump table

You’ve seen tree stumps used in home d cor, right? They are a pretty low-cost DIY that’s got a very high impact. Did you know there are some “do’s” and “don’ts” when making a stump table? I made a couple of them and this is what I learned.
How to make a stump table:

– do try to have your stump cut so that it sits good and level.
– don’t hurt yourself picking up your stump, they can be heavy!
– do get as much loose debris off of it before bringing it inside.
– do let it dry out inside for as long as possible (like months) to help you get the bark off.
– don’t force the bark off, if it doesn’t come off easily then let it dry some more.
– do use a prybar and hammer to get the bark off, and go gently.
– do elevate your stump so that it dries underneath too, otherwise it might get mold (ewww).
– do sand off the top and sides if desired to make it smooth.
– don’t let critters live in your stump… you’ll have to deal with that.
– do think about using a product like a wood stabilizer (also called wood juice) to prevent the dry wood from checking, cracking and warping.
– don’t forget you can paint your stump too, there are lots of painted stumps that look very cool.
– do consider adding legs, lift that baby up!
– do think about sealing your stump with a top coat made for unfinished wood and this will give it a permanent protective finish.

Have you made a stump table before or are you thinking about making one? Do you even like the look of stump tables in home decor? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting!

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