How to paint that tight space behind the toilet

I am on a mission. Last time I told you all about my lack of love towards the kids’ bathroom. That poor little room has been neglected for far too long. But it is a new day in Lewisville, and our plain jane bathroom is getting a beach themed makeover! Surf’s up!

The FREE quart of paint Ace Hardware gave away a few weeks ago was just what I needed for a little inspiration regarding this plain bathroom. I decided to go with a paint color called “Venice Beach” to go with our “about to become” beach bathroom.

I wanted a bluish/grey color but “Venice Beach” actually has some green hue to it. It looks great and my mission to complete it in a week (we’ll see how that goes?) is in full force.

Today, though I want to talk about one of the more difficult parts about painting a bathroom. No it’s not choosing a color or even taping off all the areas you want to protect from paint. For me, the hardest part about painting a bathroom is Painting Behind the Toilet.

How to paint that tight space behind the toiletAllison from House of Hepworths gave a great tutorial a few weeks ago on protecting your toilet while painting. Brilliantly, she told us to remove the tank lid and place a trash bag over the tank. Super smart, right? How many times have I painted this area so slowly with lid and tank fully exposed? Too many!

My tank, however, is very tight to the wall. I can not fit a roller of any size behind there, much less paint with a brush. I know no one would ever look behind there (maybe) but the white wall with new blue paint really seeped through. I had to figure out a way to get behind there, just enough so it didn’t look like an amateur paint job. So this is what I came up with.

How to paint that tight space behind the toiletYou can’t really see it because of the glare, but I decided to pull the bag up and brush the blue paint onto the bag. Replace the trash bag over the lid.

How to paint that tight space behind the toiletThen put you hand in the bag and press it against the wall. Think of sponge painting but with a plastic trash bag.

How to paint that tight space behind the toiletThat’s it. The paint from the trash bag rubs off onto the wall, even in the tightest spaces. Easy. Done!

Have a great week everyone.

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How to paint that tight space behind the toilet