How to preserve Eggs for up to 12 months

You don’t have to be a modern day Prepper to realize the value of having a chicken coop to produce eggs, and chickens. But even us beginner Preppers, who don’t have a chicken coop yet, but really really want one, can still take advantage of an endless supply of eggs. When I read this trick on Pinterest, I have been wishing a chicken coop ever since! Farm fresh or store bought you can store eggs for 9-12 months! How? Let me let you in on an old Farmer’s trick!

Mineral Oil! When eggs are laid they have a coating that keeps them fresh in (cool) room temperatures for a long time. When eggs are processed, this protective coating is washed away in the sanitizing process. Rubbing Mineral Oil on the shell replaces this coating and preserves your eggs.

Some quick tips I learned:

  • Warming up the Mineral Oil in the microwave for 10-15 seconds helps it to spread easier.
  • A 1/4 cup of oil will coat approximately 6 dozen eggs!
  • Place coated eggs back into their carton with the narrow tip facing down. Then flip your eggs every 30 days for better taste and texture.
  • Better to use cardboard or foam cartons? Either one!
  • Store in a cool, dark place such as your pantry.

So don’t give away all your wonderful freshly laid eggs or pass up on an amazing sale at your local grocer. Mineral Oil up those chickies and store them!

Whatcha think? Eggselent idea or I’ll stick with canned eggs, thank you!

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How to preserve Eggs for up to 12 months