Indoor Snowball Toss Game

With this new virus it seems that we are stuck indoors to entertain ourselves so here’s an idea for your kids to play. And well the kids have been getting even more restless than I have. So I have been trying to think of fun ways to keep us entertained and having fun. That is when I thought we could do a fun indoor snowball toss game. So I thought they would really like this fun game.

And to make it even more fun, we got a little crafty and made our cups into snowmen. Which, both my girls loved to do because coloring is just so awesome.

This was also a fun game that both girls were able to play. However my little one is sneaky and cheats, but we are pretty laid back around here so allowed it.


  • 10 Styrofoam cups
  • Markers
  • 6 Big Pom Poms

Directions for Snowman Cups

Indoor Snowball Toss GameColor a cute snowman face on all 10 of your cups. (Note: younger children may just scribble, and that is fine)

Directions for Snowball Toss Game

Indoor Snowball Toss GameLine your cups up in a pyramid format

Indoor Snowball Toss Game Indoor Snowball Toss GameStand a couple feet back (younger children may stand closer) and toss your snowballs (the pom poms) into the cups.

Indoor Snowball Toss GameBe aware of sneaky kids that walk up to cups and place snowballs in without tossing.

Indoor Snowball Toss GameEach player gets one point for making a snowball into the cup. Play as many rounds as the kids want.

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Indoor Snowball Toss Game