Industrial Pulley Light

Have you ever had one of those project ideas that is super cool and amazing with fireworks going off in your head? And then the actual execution is more of a fizzle?

I’d been dreaming of doing a pulley light for the better part of a year now. I would eagerly scour antique stores in search of the perfect vintage pulley.

It had to be the correct size with the right amount of patina for the right price. Once I found it I started thinking about cords and light bulbs. I was leaning towards the colorful cloth cords (pricey) and the edison bulbs. I assumed I would have to order a cord online so the project ended up being on hold a bit while I (saved money) decided what I wanted to do.Industrial Pulley Light Industrial Pulley Light

Industrial Pulley LightOnce I started working on my pulley light project, I was extremely careful with the fancy light bulb. I could just see myself dropping it on the floor and breaking it into a million pieces. Ironically though, the bulb ended up being just fine. I did manage to drop the ceramic end of the cloth cord on the tile floor and it didn’t fare as well. The casing cracked in half, but thankfully still held together. I wrapped it with washi tape for a pop of color and extra security (just in case.)

Industrial Pulley Light

Once I started creating my lamp, I discovered that no matter how much I tweaked or fiddled, the antique pulley just didn’t look right. Bummer. So I banished it back into it’s paper bag while the metal import pulley willingly (smugly) took it’s place. The import just seemed to gel better with the other components.

I also spent quite a bit of time working with the cord. I just couldn’t seem to loop it around the pulley and bracket in a way that I liked. And in the end, I thought that the cord hanging straight down was a bit wimpy. So I had it dance down the wall in a zig zag fashion. When I walk into the room and glance at it, sometimes I like it and other times I don’t. Kind of a fizzle.

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Industrial Pulley Light