Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessories

Adornments. Anklets. Baubles. Bangles. Bracelets. Brass. Brooches. Chains. Charms. Chokers. Diamonds. Earrings. Gems. Gold. Jewels. Lockets. Necklaces. Pendants. Pins. Rings. Silver– Whichever is in your jewelry collections, it’s important to know how to fix, store and clean your favorite pieces.


Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessoriesEver break a beaded necklace? The tiny, pretty beads go to the far reaches of your home. Beautiful on your neck, not so beautiful scattered about the floor. If you really love your necklace, you can restring the beads using a piece of dental floss, or you can create a brand new one with beads from a craft store.

Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessoriesOops, you’ve broken your chain at the connector. What to do? Using a wire cutter, snip the ring from a safety pin – brass or silver depending on the chain that’s busted to replace the connector in a pinch.


Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessoriesNeed to clean your tarnished sterling silver jewelry? Before I got engaged, I wore a Claddagh ring every day for like 10 years – it definitely had signs of wear from time to time. I cleaned it using this method: Just make a paste from lemon juice and baking soda. Use an old toothbrush to brush it on, let it dry, and then rinse it off.

Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessoriesOr take an old toothbrush and give your jewelry a gentle scrub with your toothpaste.


Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessoriesUse a cork board to store and display your jewelry! Stud earrings can be pushed into the cork, while hoop earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets can be supported using push pins. Smaller pieces can be kept in a decorative envelope and pinned to the board. Utilize ribbons or fabric to get creative with how you display and hang your pieces.

Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessoriesIf you don’t have the space for the corkboard, or don’t like to keep your jewelry out on display, here’s a tip for keeping your necklaces from tangling and knotting at home or while you travel. All you need is a straw! All you have to do is simply string your necklace through a drinking straw. Trim if necessary, but this one is super easy.

Extra Tips & Tricks

Ever get one of those lovely green circles around your finger from a ring? Ugh! I remember getting it from cheaper jewelry I had as a kid. So how do you prevent it from happening? Take a clear coat of nail polish and paint the inside of the ring. It will help protect your finger. You’ll need to reapply every once in a while.

You can also use this to extend the life of costume jewelry. Give it a coat of clear varnish to protect it from water, soap, and oils.

Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessories

To make things even easier, place the end of the string through your ring and gently pull – this will ease the ring off and unravel the string at the same time.

Hope you find this little guide useful!

Jewelry gems: Tips and tricks for your accessories

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