Kitchen Towel Rag Quilt

I don’t know where all my kitchen towels always disappear off to. I’m thinking it might be that same ghost that steals socks out of the dryer! Anyway, I had to go out and buy new kitchen towels. This is what I ended up with though.

Kitchen Towel Rag QuiltYep, they never made it to the kitchen. After I got them home, I realized they matched the football flannel that I had just bought at JoAnn’s perfectly. Off to make a rag quilt…

Kitchen Towel Rag QuiltI cut the towels and flannel into 10″ squares.

Kitchen Towel Rag QuiltI layered one towel piece and one flannel piece wrong sides together and sewed an X.

Kitchen Towel Rag QuiltThis was the hardest part, laying the squares all out. I had to make sure the back pattern was the same as the front. It really wasn’t that hard, just required some thinking. If you don’t have a 3 year old and two dogs sitting right there with you, it would probably go much smoother!

Kitchen Towel Rag QuiltI sewed the squares of the rows together first and then sewed the rows together.

I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this before, but it deserves repeating. If you’re going to do any kind of rag quilting you have got to get one of those snip scissors! I wouldn’t even attempt it again without those!

Kitchen Towel Rag QuiltWhen you have it all sewn together, you just start snipping away at the raw edges. Be sure to remember to do all the way around it, too.

I made mine long and skinny because we have recliners on both ends of the couch and two rocker recliners. After it’s all snipped, you should wash it so it gets all raggedy. Tierni was here that day, so the pictures you’re seeing are before it was washed.

I still need kitchen towels!

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Kitchen Towel Rag Quilt