Leaf Thanksgiving Banner

I love banners, I think they are so fun and add to holiday decorating. My mother came to visit for a few weeks while my husband is away and helped me come up with this Thanksgiving banner. I knew I wanted to make one, I just couldn’t think of exactly what I wanted it to look like, she then told me the idea of leaves and I knew that’s what I wanted to do!

Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI love the Dollar Tree. I think love is even an understatement. I find so many things there and they are always coming out with new things, which is why I go weekly! Or twice a week, maybe three, but who’s counting? I wanted big leaves for this project, luckily we stopped at the Dollar Tree and found these! It was fate.
Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI used Krylon’s ivory, satin spray paint to give these leaves a nice airy color. Let’s face it, when I see something, the first thing I think of is, “would this look better spray painted?” It’s a curse, really.
Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI recently bought these stencils and have been obsessed with them ever since, I also used them for my Thanksgiving Sign, which you can look at here. I placed the letter I needed in the center of the leaf.
Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI outlined the letter with a brown, ultra-thin, fine point Sharpie. Then filled in the letter with a brown, fine point.
Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI bought these small wooden clothespins to clip the leaves on the jute I used to hang them on.
They’re just the cutest!
Leaf Thanksgiving BannerThe clothespins were the perfect size!Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI was originally going to hang this banner on our fireplace where our fall banner was, but I overestimated the size of the leaves. We have a big bare wall above one of our couches and I decided it needed some attention, plus it was the only other option!
Leaf Thanksgiving BannerI’m so glad I was able to find these leaves as easily as we did. This banner was a lot of fun and didn’t take much time to do. My kind of project!
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Leaf Thanksgiving Banner