Light Box Embossing

This light box is used for tracing. You can do some pretty neat embossing with it as well.


  • card stock (or heavy weight paper)
  • brass stencil

Light Box EmbossingTools:

  • light box
  • stylus

Light Box EmbossingPlace the stencil on top of the light box and cover it with the front side of the paper.

Turn on the light box.

Light Box EmbossingTrace around the stencil with the stylus.

Turn the paper over.


Light Box EmbossingTips:

  • Don’t limit yourself just to brass stencils, you can use plastic or paper stencils or make your own using card stock and punches. Cut freeform shapes from any heavy paper and use as well.
  • Use a small crochet hook or inkless ball point pen instead of a stylus.
  • Rub the back of the paper with waxed paper to help the stylus glide better.
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Light Box Embossing