Love Match

Here is a unique yet practical Valentine’s Day gift. Inexpensive, and with a strong graphic, this warms my crafter heart. I hope it lights your fire. (stop me!)
Love Match

box of kitchen matches
white cardstock
double stick tape or glue stick

staplerLove Match
Download this PDF file here. Change your “page setup” to borderless letter size otherwise you will lose parts of the labels. Print on white cardstock. You can make 4 boxes.Love Match
If you want to wish the happy couple a greeting, cut out a “you are” label. If you want to give this to your love, cut out “we are”.

Staple this label to the inside of one end of the inside box. Fold the label to use as a pull tab.Love Match
Adhere the “Happy Valentine’s Day label to the light cardboard match belt (I have no idea what it’s called) inside the box.
Stick the label “A Perfect Match” or “A Match Made in Heaven” to the front of the matchbox.

Did you notice that the flame on the match is an upside-down heart? So clever. (I’m double-jointed so that I can pat myself on the back)

Love Match

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