Love Metal Basket

Have I told you how much I like punches? I was thinking that it would be neat to be able to punch shapes out of metal. Then I realized that I had a recycling bin full of punchable metal. (yes, I drink way too much Diet Coke)

Love Metal Basket

  • tuna or cat food can
  • 8 soda cans
  • paper punches (round, scalloped round, 3 sizes flower shapes, various butterflies and a dragon fly), can be bought from here
  • thin wire hanger
  • styrofoam
  • JB Kwik Weld, can be bought from here
  • primer spray paint
  • gold spray paint


  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • large can
  • paint tube wringer (optional)
  • stylus (old ball point pen)

Love Metal BasketI cut a round of styrofoam to fill the tuna can. Cut off the long, unbent portion of the hanger. Wrap it around the large tin can to form a circle. Bend back the ends so that they come in contact with the inside of the tuna can to form then arch. Glue in place with JB Kwik Weld.

a note about Kwik Weld: It hardens in 4 minutes so make small batches. Also, it works better on the aluminum if you use larger blobs of glue rather than dabs.

Love Metal BasketPunch out lots of shapes. I layered 3 sizes of flower shapes to form one blossom. Leaves were formed by first punching out scalloped rounds then placing half of the round back into the punch and repunching. I was able to get 2 leaves out of each round.

Sometimes it was hard to remove the punch as the edges curled and got caught in the punch. Patience.

Love Metal BasketCut strips from the soda cans and run them through a paint wringer (also sold here to texture paper) to form corrugated metal. Glue the strips onto the tuna can to help disguise it’s former life. Place a rubberband around the strip to hold them in place while the glue sets.

Love Metal BasketTexture the punched shapes to give them dimension. Place them on a magazine and with a stylus (or an inkless ballpoint pen) draw petal grooves or leaf veins on the back of the shapes.
Turn them over and draw around the previous grooves of the front sides. This is called repousse.

Love Metal BasketPunch out a large circle and gently fold it in half. Pinch one end to form a head. Punch a small hole for the eyes. Cut a scalloped circle in half. Cut one half in half to form wings and cut a wedge from the other half to form the tail. Repousse feather details into the wings and tail. Cut a small triangle from a scrap to form the beak. Fold in half.

Cut a 6 inch piece of wire from the hanger and fold in half. Fold up the ends for feet. Glue beak, wings and tail to the body. When dry, glue legs to the inside of the body tilting the body slightly.

Love Metal BasketCut a coke can in half to make 2 cups about 2 inches high. Using scissors, cut 1/4″ strips around the cups. Draw the strips across the inside blade of the scissors to curl the strips much like you curl ribbon. Curl the strips to the outside on one can and to the inside on the other.

Glue the two cans together; inside curls on the inside. Then glue the cans to the styrofoam on the inside of the tune can.

Love Metal BasketGlue the flowers and butterflies to the wire hanger ring and glue the birds to the inside of the nest.

Love Metal BasketSpray paint the topper with primer.

Love Metal BasketSpray the whole thing with gold spray paint.

I thought it might be fun to glue this on top of a tower of graduated cookie tins for a metal wedding cake. The tins could be filled with special wedding cookies. What a fun twist on the wedding cake theme.

Is this a case of having your cake and preserving it too?

Love Metal Basket

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