Machine Embroidery Trick for Towels

A friend showed me this neat little trick, and I thought I would share. I love using my embroidery machine, but my time is limited and I could do without the aggravation.

Have you ever tried to hoop a bath towel? It is not as easy as you would think. It keeps popping out no matter how tight you tighten the hoop. Or if you do actually get it in the hoop it leaves a permanent imprint in the towel. Then you think, “that’s OK I will just stick it to an adhesive stabilizer”, and you pull it away and it rips all the little threads in the towel out. Great, you just spent all that time (and money) to have bald spots in your towel.

Machine Embroidery Trick for Towels

You will need:

  • a bath towel
  • Sticky – or similar self-adhesive, tear-away stabilizer product
  • Totally Stable – or similar iron-on, tear-away stabilizer product
  • Solvy – or similar water soluble stabilizer

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsFigure out where you want to place your design or lettering and iron on a piece of Totally Stable (or similar product) that is larger than you hoop, to the wrong side of your towel. Then mark or pin your towel to find its center or a level line.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsHoop a piece of Sticky (or similar product) that is also larger than your hoop. Tear away the top layer per manufacturer’s directions.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsOK are you ready for my big trick? Now just lay the ironed Totally Stable onto the Sticky. Yup, that was it! I know, so simple, but it took someone to show me too. Now don’t forget to make sure to line up your marking or pins to the hoop. You wouldn’t want your project to come out crooked.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsLoad the hoop into your machine and make sure your needle lines up with your center. Tape down your Solvy (or similar product) to your design area with a low tack tape. Now you are ready to let your machine punch out your design.
Note: Solvy is used on any material that has a nap.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsTrim your treads before your remove your Solvy. So you don’t accidentally cut into the terry of your towel.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsNow carefully remove your tape so you don’t pull any or the treads from the terry bath towel. Then remove your Solvy. Remember this is a water soluble stabilizer so you don’t have to remove the tiny bits in the lettering, just the large areas. The rest will come out in the wash.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsThis is what your back should look like once you un-hoop your towel and carefully remove your tear away stabilizers from the back, being careful not to pull your stitches. Don’t worry about any small white bits they usually come out in the wash.

Machine Embroidery Trick for TowelsHere you go, a custom, personalized towel. Enjoy!

Machine Embroidery Trick for Towels

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