Make old shoes look almost new again

I’ll let you in on a little secret- I may have collected an embarrassing amount of running shoes over the last seven years as a fitness instructor. I hate the cost of buying them, but I do like to exercise often and jump around a bit, which means I can wear out a nice pair of shoes in a few months.

I get so attached to my shoes I actually have a hard time getting rid of my old pairs because they become like old friends. 🙂 My foot will form them into the perfect shape and slipping into them is the best feeling ever. 🙂

Once a new pair of shoes finally starts to wear out I will put them on second rotation, to wear when I’m not teaching or inside. These two have been hanging on and regularly worn (first rotation!) for a year and 9 months, respectively:
I’ll wear them outside or to kickboxing once and think oh man they’re ruined now and then I suddenly remember I can wash them in with my (not-so-PC/natural-now) friend bleach (shhhhhh):
Make old shoes look almost new again
I needed to clean out my washing machine anyway, so I bleached the shoes with towels and other color-fast items. Here’s how they turned out after one wash on the blue and two washings on the pink:
Make old shoes look almost new againMuch better than before!!

Make old shoes look almost new againThey’re wearable again, anyway. 😀 These two pair are getting old and have been washed several times so I’m not surprised they didn’t come out looking brand new. The first few bleaches were more impressive of course since they weren’t as worn. 🙂

Some tricks I’ve learned for bleaching your tennis shoes are:

1. Bleach them as soon as they get really dirty. (I didn’t do that this time, the pink sat for a few weeks). You can bleach colorful tennis shoes in most cases if they’re made from artificial material only (no cotton!).

2. Use the Clorox if possible (I tried the off-brand this time and it wasn’t as good). Be SO CAREFUL with it around another laundry- I move everything away and act like the bleach is poison to my skin! I’ve ruined more than one item with a wayward splash, I promise!

3. Wash them with towels or sheets or other bleachable things that will provide friction/resistance in the washer.

4. Don’t dry them in the dryer- let them air dry, preferably in a window/natural light.

5. After you wash them, take them out and admire your “new” shoes all over again and think just how much they motivate you to do the rest of the laundry from the weekend. (right?? right.)

Make old shoes look almost new again

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