Mason Jar Matchbox Tutorial

I love candles, matches and fire. So naturally I would have candles and matches lying around and honestly, matchboxes gets the job done but just isn’t pretty enough. The creative/vain person in me sought remedy that.

I took to Pintrest (yes I have a mild obsession) and found this pin from The Burlap Bag. Unfortunately I do not have STRIKE ANYWHERE matches. So I thought of a way to go around that problem. It turned out to be a cute and simple idea/project.

Things needed:

-Mason Jar of your choice
-The original Matchbox the matches were in
-Pencil, scissors, small piece of paper, glueMason Jar Matchbox Tutorial


-Place all matches in jar and cut off the strike-able parts on the original box in to (roughly) 4 strips.
-(Because I used the elite collection mason jars from Balls, there were already designs on the canning lid.) I found something that was the roughly the size of the circle (that was on the lid) and traced that on to a small piece of paper.
-Cut out the circle and glue the cut strips and then remove the excess hanging off the circle.
-Glue the strike-able circle on to the lid and you’re done!Mason Jar Matchbox Tutorial

NOTE: Personally I felt it to be safer with a completely closed lid although the original idea is very convenient. I love fire but I don’t want unnecessary accidents to happen…

Mason Jar Matchbox Tutorial

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