No Sew Pillow Zebra Style

Hello people! Kim here! If you have spent some time here and read my articles, you know that I don’t sew.

I want to sew, I have a sewing machine, I have fabric, I even have patterns, but I can’t seem to find the time to actually cart my but down to JoAnn or Hancock and take the sewing 101 class.

In the meantime, I wish to replicate sewing as best I can and right now that means Heat Bond and hot glue. I found this awesome zebra  fabric in the remnant bin at Hancock Fabric, I prowl that bin like a maniac! Then I busted out the ironing board, iron, heat bond and got to work.

No Sew Pillow Zebra Style1. Iron your fabric
No Sew Pillow Zebra Style2. Lay the pillow on top of the folded fabric and cut a bit bigger than the edges because you will be taking up fabric with the fabric bond.
No Sew Pillow Zebra Style3.  Fold the fabric in half inside out and the folded edge will be the bottom of the pillow. Cut a piece of fabric bond the length of one side of the fabric, place the paper side up, and iron quickly on a low setting to get the fabric bond adhered to to one side.
No Sew Pillow Zebra StyleNo Sew Pillow Zebra Style4. Then iron the fabric together and check to be sure it adheres all the way down the side. You are adhering the good sides of the fabric together.
No Sew Pillow Zebra Style5. Do the same thing with the other side and then slip your pillow into the cover. Fold the edges in to get a clean line across the top.
No Sew Pillow Zebra Style6. Then repeat the heat bond procedure, attaching the folded down edges.

No Sew Pillow Zebra StyleThen if you are anything like me you will have a big gap that you have to hot glue.

No Sew Pillow Zebra StyleBut then you will have an awesome pillow!

No Sew Pillow Zebra StyleI made 2 for my awesome new bed!

Love the bit of crazy fun they add to  my neutral bedroom scheme.

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No Sew Pillow Zebra Style