I would do a quick tutorial on how to make pinwheels. I am such a child at heart, and love pinwheels. They are super easy to make. So let’s begin:
First off, you can use just about any paper or card stock to make these with. In this tutorial I am using craft foam. I just like the way they turn out.[expand title=”Expand and Read More” trigpos=”below”]

PinwheelsFor the stick part of the pinwheel, I used paint sticks. You can get these free from your local hardware store. They come in a variety of sizes depending on where you go.

PinwheelsStart off by painting your paint stir stick. I used some very pretty pearl acrylic paint. Set it aside and let it dry while you are putting together your Pinwheel.

PinwheelsNow I used some colorful foam sheets , but feel free to experiment with other types of material. Card stock works wonderful for this project , and they have some wonderful two sided card stock that are perfect for pinwheels.

PinwheelsWith a pencil mark your form sheet at 5 1/2” x 5 1/2”

PinwheelsCut your foam sheets as even as you can. You must have a perfect square to make pinwheels.

PinwheelsFold your foam sheet over into a triangle and crease it on the fold line. You can use a bone folder if you have one. But is not a necessary step.

PinwheelsAfter the first fold, open it up and fold it the other way and crease it on the fold line.

PinwheelsNow I took a pencil and drew on the folded lines to show you the four triangles you get after folding. These will now be your cut lines.

PinwheelsBegin cutting at the corners of your square, and make sure NOT to cut all the way to the middle. You will want to leave about 1/2” at the middle part of the square.

PinwheelsBegin the pinwheel by applying a small amount of sticky tape to the middle, and make your first fold. Then apply another small amount of sticky tape to the top of the first fold.

Pinwheels2nd fold of the pinwheel, apply another small amount of sticky tape to the top of this fold.

Pinwheels3rd fold of pinwheel, apply another small amount of sticky tape to the top of this fold.

PinwheelsFinal fold of pinwheel. Next you will punch a hole in the middle and apply a grommet or eyelet to hold the pinwheel in place.

PinwheelsTo punch my holes, and set my eyelets, I use a single punch and single eyelet setter’s. These are wonderful tool’s to own. They allow you to punch and set your eyelets just where you need them.

PinwheelsUsing my single hole puncher, I punched a hole through the middle of the pinwheel.

PinwheelsI inserted an eyelet, making sure to catch all the ends of the pinwheel. I then then turned it over and used my single eyelet setter to set it all in place.

PinwheelsFor finishing touches, I used some pretty card stock that matched my painted stick and added my favorite Martha Stewarts Glitter to the ends.

PinwheelsI used sticky tape to adhere to the pinwheel.

PinwheelsPinwheelsPinwheelsFinished Pinwheel, ready to attach to stick.

I used a fairly small screw and attached it to my paint stick. I only screwed it in enough for it to barely go through the back of the wood, thus leaving enough of the screw exposed on the front side, so the pinwheel could spin. I am still looking into other ways to attach, and If I come up with something better, I will be sure to post agian.Pinwheels