Polka Dot Nail Polish Mug

If you’re cooped up in the house after all the bad weather, then you’re probably wishing for something to do – how about a craft? A nail polish mug (or cup) is a project that needs two materials: a mug and nail polish (and cotton swabs) and it’s very likely that you have both!


  • Mug or cup
  • Nail polish
  • Precision cotton swabs (I prefer the pointed type used for makeup, but they can be tough to find)
  • Parchment paper or craft mat

Choose a mug and nail polish that contrast nicely with each other. Make sure your mug is clean and oil free. Pour some nail polish into a disposable container (you don’t need a lot) and put a little on your cotton swab (don’t load it up) and on a scrap piece of paper practice making dots. It can be a little tricky getting them just right and you don’t want to make the mistakes on your mug.

Polka Dot Nail Polish MugWhen you feel confident in your polka dotting skills, start dotting your mug! Make sure you don’t apply nail polish to areas where you might put your mouth. I like a random pattern, but do what you like. When you’re happy with the look of your mug let it dry for 24 hours on your craft mat or parchment paper. Your nail polish mug should always be hand washed.

Polka Dot Nail Polish Mug Polka Dot Nail Polish Mug Polka Dot Nail Polish MugWhen you’re ready to use your newly embellished mug, fill it to the brim with your favorite hot beverage and watch the chills melt away!

Polka Dot Nail Polish Mug

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