Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles

Look what just showed up in my brand new Pottery Barn catalog – music candles.Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles

Lovely, but $29 for the largest one? Really?Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles
I picked up two pillar candles on sale at TJ Maxx for $2 a piece. You need a light colored candle; Tan, white or ivory are best, but I bought this shaded one and it will work as well.

Download the pdfs of music here (tall) or here (wide). Cut plain white tissue paper 81/2 x 11. Tape the top to a piece of card stock. You only need to tape about 4 inches across the top; not the whole width. The tape allows the printer to catch the paper. Print either pdf on the tissue paper depending on the size of your candle.

Cut the tissue to fit the candle. With a thin bead of glue, attach one end of the tissue to the candle. Pull the tissue snuggly around the candle then glue the other end. Gently heat the candle surface with a heat gun just until the wax melts and saturates the paper.

The tissue takes on the color of the candle.

I learned that you can remove the tissue if you change your mind by gently pulling off the paper.

Take that, Pottery Barn.

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Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles