Repurpose Welcome Mat

About a month ago one of my DIYs got published in a local magazine. It was ridiculously exciting to see my work in a publication! This particular magazine has a “Funky Junk” section and my DIY/repurpose fell under that category. And let me tell you, the way this project started, it definitely qualified as JUNK!

What You’ll Need:

  • Door Mat
  • White Spray Paint
  • Bright Acrylic Paints (can be for outdoors or not)

Repurpose Welcome MatPrep your mat for painting by hosing it down. Get all of the grime and debris you can off of it.

Repurpose Welcome Mat Repurpose Welcome MatAfter it’s dry, you’re ready for the spray paint. You will probably need a few coats. This took the entire can and I still had some spots that were grayish due to the kind of material of this particular mat. This both worked in my favor and caused a bit more work.

Repurpose Welcome MatAfter the white layer has dried you can go to town with your bright colors. Paint it as it you were filling in a coloring book, adding as many coats as needed. Here’s where the grayish areas come in. The outer border turned out great in gray but I still had areas that shouldn’t be gray. If this happens to you as well, just go over those spots with some white acrylic paint and a small brush.

Repurpose Welcome MatIf your mat in in a place that is not exposed to the elements, i.e. a carport, outdoor paint isn’t a must have. However, if it will be in a sunny, uncovered area, you may want to spend the extra few cents for the outdoor acrylics.

Repurpose Welcome Mat Repurpose Welcome Mat I’m loving our “new” mat and I think it’s much more welcoming!

Repurpose Welcome Mat

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