Starbuck Coffee Spice Jars

So, I’ve been asking begging everyone I know for their empty glass Starbuck bottles.  I finally found someone who gave me 12 of them.

I desperately needed to organize my spices and I came across this idea on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, we buy many of our spices in bulk so not all of them would fit in these bottles.  However, I did have a similar shaped bottle, just larger, that my tomato puree comes in.

I started by washing them all out and removing the labels.  I didn’t have the patience for glass etching so I chose to use my cricut.  I made matching labels out of white vinyl.  I also spray painted the caps white.

Parsley is one of the bulk spices so it went into a larger bottle…Starbuck Coffee Spice Jars

These are some of the smaller ones which went into the starbuck coffee bottles.Starbuck Coffee Spice Jars Starbuck Coffee Spice Jars

My sister liked them so much that she had me cut her some letters out of silver vinyl and she sprayed her caps silver.

I do have some spices that we buy in small quantities so I’m saving the smaller jars they come in if they’re glass and adding labels to them so they all match.  The only problem with those is the lids are usually plastic so I can’t paint them white.

Now, I just need a few more of the larger bottles for my cocoa, hot chocolate, garlic salt, and sea salt.

Starbuck Coffee Spice Jars

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