Suited sunglasses according to your face shape

Knowing the right tricks on how to choose the right glasses frame for our face shape is the first step for a glamorous look when wearing sunglasses. So many of us have want to look cool with sunglasses! There are numerous factors that influence the choice of eyeglass frames, including personal style and eye color, skin and hair – but the universal rule that guide us when we buy sunglasses will always remain our face shape.

There are five types of face shapes, so you need to identify it on your own. It can be round, square, oval, heart-shaped, triangular or diamond-shaped. When choosing sunglasses, make sure that you are wearing them and not vice versa!

People with round face shape have the same ratio between height and width of the face, have broad forehead and chin and cheeks are round. If you fit into this facial typology, your aim is to narrow and lengthen the face. The most suitable eyeglass frames for those with round face shapes are sharp, rectangular or rectangular transparent if possibly around the nose area. Seek for frames that look like the wing of a butterfly, cat eyes or aviator. The arms of glasses can have different decorations, patterns or colors. Avoid round and massive glasses frame because it will make your face look more rounded.

People with oval face have the length as its width plus half. If you fit into this facial typology, you can consider yourself a lucky woman because you can choose almost all forms of frames. The frames for oval face can be rectangular, trapezoidal or slotted, with thin arms (if you’re small height) or wide (if you’re tall). Do you have a long oval face shape? So experts recommend you to opt for some frames a little wider than the front; so you will balance the facial features.

People with square face have a high forehead, wide chin and prominent jaw. You fit into this facial typology? Well, your aim is also to round the shape: to lengthen and narrow your face shape. Most suitable frames square face are oval or round, thin, with arms in shades of brown and beige. Therefore, choose the slightly oversized aviator type.

People with heart-shaped face have wide forehead, prominent cheek bones and chin. If you fit into this typology facial, you must seek the pair of glasses that distract from the upper face area. The most suitable eyeglass frames for heart-shaped face are square or round, thin. Avoid cat-eye glasses or those too accessorized because you emphasize the area that you want to correct.

People with diamond-shaped face have forehead and narrow chin compared to jaw and cheekbones. If you are part of this typology it is appropriate to balance your facial features to make your forehead look wider. The most suitable eyeglass frames for face-shaped diamonds are wide at the top and thinner at the lower par, cat-eye frames or butterfly wing with decorations in the eyebrow area. Avoid too colorful frames or wearing them occasionally in certain events. After you have discovered what facial typology you fit choose the eyeglass frames that suit you best, that’ll highlight some face peculiarities and hide minor flaws. Enjoy shopping!Suited sunglasses according to your face shape

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Suited sunglasses according to your face shape