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Upcycle Ideas for Glass Jars

Well, my famed craft night did not happen this month. Our theme was glass bottles and jars. Snow, conferences (most of my friends are...

How To Have A Clean House For The Holidays

Winter holidays are approaching and you will have to wait for Santa with a clean house. Arm yourself, then, with time and patience because...

How to clean bottles with coarse salt

Most times, we dispose of dirty bottles and jars because we are lazy to clean them. The process can be difficult, especially if the...

Latest Project

DIY Braided Collar Trim

Skill Level: Easy Time: < 30 Min Great temporary or permanent alteration Supplies: -Shirt -Yarn (not wool), scarp fabric strips, or old T -Scissors -Thread -Needle -Glue (optional) Cut your yarn into 3 pieces...

DIY Rope Bracelet

DIY: Dapper Pet Collar

DIY: Rope Bowl