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How To Make 100% Cotton Pillow/Doll Stuffing

The other day a little hole on my pin cushion ripped open even more, to the point the stuffing was falling out. I decided...

The Confetti Scrap Quilt

Yesterday I finally finished my Confetti Scrap Quilt and I am pleased at the results. Weeks ago when I started this quilt my main...

Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums

I did not create the origami design from scratch, it was creatively and masterfully designed by Jacky Chan (not THAT Jacky Chan), and I...

How to remove stains on cotton

Whether you've stained your dress or favorite cotton shirt, you definitely need a fast and functional method by which to inscribe fabric cleanliness and...

9 Mistakes you make when you iron

Ironing is for many women a real chore. The activity becomes even more obnoxious when you, make mistakes that ruin your clothes. Here's what...

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My desk area has been neglected lately so I thought that I would do some re-organizing. Like most creative people I have a mountain...

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