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How to patch jeans holes with lace

One of my favorite pair of jeans recently were found "showing too much skin" Meaning: What once was a "cool hole" with jean shredded-nish around...

Bleach Dipped Jeans Shorts

Some people are even using multiple colors of Koolaid to dye the ends of their hair into a rainbow of colors. I love how...

How to dye faded jeans

So a few months ago I decided to go on a no spend spree. Have you ever challenged yourself not to spend money for...

The real reason why jeans’ pockets have rivets

Rivets contribution to the history of jeans - and how they acquired their popularity - is overwhelming. Using small bronze or nickel knobs led,...

How to Tell if your Jeans Fit without Trying them on

When you're on a rush and happen to find a pair of jeans exactly how you wanted but do not want to go to...

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