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DIY Toddler Apron

Check out this apron I made for L’s upcoming birthday. I thought it would be the perfect addition for her play kitchen. I’m still...

Kitchen Towel Rag Quilt

I don't know where all my kitchen towels always disappear off to. I'm thinking it might be that same ghost that steals socks out...

The Basic Steps Involved In The Building Of DIY Kitchen Island

The concept of Kitchen Island is not that old and that is why it is seen in many house settings of today. Particularly the...

How to clean bathroom and kitchen taps

Taps in the bathroom and the kitchen sink stain frequently because of water that contains lime and other elements that leave traces. Usually, you...

5 ways to remove odors with natural products

Odors from your home can be easily removed using natural products. It is not mandatory to use commercial detergents or fragrances. As well will...

10 habits to maintain your home cleaned

Why waiting for a certain day of week to clean up and to enjoy its effect after a short period when you can permanently...

7 Tips to get rid of kitchen moisture

Excessive heat and steam accumulate when cooking and so the kitchen is one of the most humid room in your house. Here's what to...

9 cleaning tricks you should use with confidence

Have you ever thought how easy it can be to remove a difficult stain from clothes or how easy it is to mask traces...

How to clean the whole house with only 2 ingredients

Cleaning the house is often a chore. Takes long time and the products you use really does not solve all the problems promised on...

How To Speed Clean Your Bathroom And Kitchen

Winter holidays mean more joy, more time spent with family, but also extra work for you, if you want to a perfectly cleaned house....

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DIY Braided Collar Trim

Skill Level: Easy Time: < 30 Min Great temporary or permanent alteration Supplies: -Shirt -Yarn (not wool), scarp fabric strips, or old T -Scissors -Thread -Needle -Glue (optional) Cut your yarn into 3 pieces...

DIY Rope Bracelet

DIY: Dapper Pet Collar

DIY: Rope Bowl