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How to Make a Laundry Rack

I've always wanted a clothesline. We live in the country. We have lots of room for one. I've asked for one. I've begged for...

No-grate homemade liquid laundry detergent

A few weeks ago, I got a hankering to make liquid laundry soap. I'm not sure why, because I've been fairly committed to making...

How to Hand Wash Laundry

When the Washing Machine Breaks Down No-one hand washes laundry any more do they? I am talking about all the laundry for the household, not...

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I got this recipe from a friend at work. We made the detergent a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since....

Homemade Laundry Soap

I have been using Tide Pods for about a year now and generally like them. The problem is, they are not very cheap and...

Laundry Room Decor

You can’t really use the wall space above the washer and dryer for anything useful because it’s hard to reach above the machines. So...

9 Mistakes you make when you iron

Ironing is for many women a real chore. The activity becomes even more obnoxious when you, make mistakes that ruin your clothes. Here's what...

How to properly wash drapes and curtains

Curtains require most cases, special care because of the fabrics they are made of. Here's how to clean them, how to wash them and...

Most Effective Laundry Tricks

In the beginning, the clothes were washed in the river. After the washing machine was invented and hand washing became a memory. Although it...

Cleaning mistakes that are slowing you down

Do you spend one day to be Cinderella, from dawn to dusk and you are tired of it? Do you want to finish the...

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Cinderella Pumpkins Thanksgiving Mantel

Cinderella Pumpkins. We love pumpkins. We love them more so during Thanksgiving than during Halloween. We cook and decorate more with than now than...

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