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Wood Candle Holders Renewed

Let’s take care of a little business this morning, shall we? I’ve had these wood candle holders for a couple of years, but they...

DIY Beaded Lampshade

My old lamp :D I did not love the old shade, however, which was just a plain white shade. So I’ve been on the...

DIY Welcome Sign

I found this at the thrift store. I kinda felt bad as I was painting over Don & Linda and their happy little faces,...

How to Redo a Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture – Makeover Addition!

I wanted to share a little victory I had with a project I have been debating for quite some time. When we moved into...

Latest Project

Cinderella Pumpkins Thanksgiving Mantel

Cinderella Pumpkins. We love pumpkins. We love them more so during Thanksgiving than during Halloween. We cook and decorate more with than now than...

Thanksgiving Thankful Mantel

Thanksgiving Wreath

Rustic Thanksgiving Snack Pots