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DIY: Rope Bowl

I have quite a love for WWII military, and this bowl fits perfectly into that love being made out of a 1940s Army tent...

Sisal Rope & Milk Jug Bird Feeder

We always get a ton of birds in our yard chirping away every day; it’s so nice to sit and watch them at mealtimes!...

Upcycle Ideas for Glass Jars

Well, my famed craft night did not happen this month. Our theme was glass bottles and jars. Snow, conferences (most of my friends are...

DIY $1 Sisal Picture Frame

I found yet another way to decorate my favorite $1 frame from Michaels. This time I decided to go with some sisal, cause what...

DIY Wrapped Bottles

I love how these bottles look, I first picked up how to do this from the blog Pieces of Anna and have gone crazy...

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Craft Containers

My desk area has been neglected lately so I thought that I would do some re-organizing. Like most creative people I have a mountain...

Reclaimed Wood Tray

DIY Rope Bracelet