Teacup Bird Feeder

Have some cracked or chipped teacups that you simply cannot part with but don’t know what to do with them?
We did. Some just too pretty and too sentimental to toss.
So, we finally got around to making our teacup bird feeder we have had on the “to do” list for sometime now.

Teacup Bird Feeder These teacups were wedding gifts and through use, they got a couple chips and surface cracks. We could hardly bring ourselves to toss them out, and saw where someone made a garden bird feeder from theirs.

We used two teacups, one saucer, epoxy for ceramics/china and a copper pipe.

First, we attached the two teacups together and once dry we attached the cups to the saucer. Then we attached the piece of copper pipe to the saucer. make sure you let each step in the process cure or dry before moving on.
Teacup Bird FeederWe placed the bird feeder into a flower planter and added a few rocks for extra support and we thought they looked nice too.
Teacup Bird FeederColorful wild bird seed was added to the feeder. The saucer can also be used to hold water instead of seed. We also thought at some point we might add a spoon to the saucer for the birds to stand on.

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Teacup Bird Feeder