Thanksgiving place card ideas: faux pumpkin pie

With so many small kids around, you definitely need something for little ones to do while they’re waiting for last-minute food preparations to finish up. You can use this faux pumpkin pie alongside any other Thanksgiving place card ideas you have. When the kids open up their “pie,” a variety of toys and fun activities will be waiting.

Supplies: spray adhesive, the printed faux pumpkin pies, disposable aluminum pans with cardboard/silver lids

Directions: Click on the images below to download the faux pumpkin pie top. To print the pumpkin pie top, email the file to any photo center (such as Costco) that prints in a 12 x 18″ photo size. Get the lustre finish. Cut the pie shape out and glue to the top of the cardboard/silver lid, on the white side, with spray adhesive. Fill your container with toys and prizes for the kiddos. Put the pie lid on top and crimp around the metal edges to keep the lid secure. Disposable aluminum pans can be found at most grocery stores.

*This is a jpg image that you can print at a photo center. Click HERE to pull up the jpg picture, then right-click to save the image on your computer. Let me know if that works for you!

Thanksgiving place card ideas: faux pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving place card ideas: faux pumpkin pieDon’t have any small children at your Thanksgiving table? You can also use these as take-home containers for your guests to store their Thanksgiving leftovers. And stay tuned for directions on the candlestick centerpieces.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Pie photo by Sara Westbrook.

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Thanksgiving place card ideas: faux pumpkin pie