The Basic Steps Involved In The Building Of DIY Platform Bed

A DIY platform bed surely brings some uniqueness and décor to your bedroom and perhaps this is the prime reason why many people are adopting this idea. Unfortunately many people seek professional help in the development of such beds which is not good. A person can easily develop a nice DIY platform bed by himself by executing some skills and effort. In this specific article we will share with you some steps which if followed properly by you can give wonderful results. These steps related to the development of DIY platform bed are mentioned in the points below.

Get a piece of plywood and cut it into sections of smaller nature in order to create the side case tops and bottoms. The size of the plywood should be around 3/4-inch

In the next step you need to get the bottom panels and the tops aligned. You also need to get the divider locations laid out. A framing square can be handy for you in this regard

Get a veneer edge tape and use it to cover the edges of the plywood. Both the bottom and tops of the plywood must be covered. The covering will give a finished look

You can get the glue activated by utilizing an iron or cotton setting. You need to get the veneer to get it into the position which is one panels edges

Get the edges trimmed through the knife and pass the panels through a sending process.

These were some of the basic steps that are involved in the development of DIY platform bed. Each of these mentioned steps can be easily applied without much of a difficulty.

We hope that you will find this article knowledgeable and interesting.

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The Basic Steps Involved In The Building Of DIY Platform Bed