The benefits of making love daily

The benefits of making love – both mentally and health – have postulated character. However, if you had any curiosity in that direction, read below 8 reasons to never refuse making love.
1. Combat stress
During sex your body produces dopamine (a substance that fight stress hormone), endorphin, meaning “happiness hormones” and oxytocin, a hormone that increases libido, secreted by the pituitary gland.

2. Increase life expectancy
A healthy heart, stronger muscle, a better blood circulation and a state of happiness – here are some factors that add years to life expectancy. A study published in the “British Medical Journal” shows that men who have sex often live almost twice longer than those who do not have the … action.

3. Decrease blood pressure
Hugs and sex can improve blood pressure. In one study, researchers at the University of Paisley found that sex reduces diastolic blood pressure.

4. Regulates menstrual cycle
Apparently, sex can improve menstrual cycle. Sex regulates hormones, which in their turn, regulates the menstrual cycle. So, sex reduces stress, the main reason women “jump” sometimes over a cycle.

5. It makes you look younger
If you have sex three times a week, you’ll look 10 years younger, according to a study conducted in Scotland, by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

6. Protects prostate
Most of you ejaculate fluid is secreted by the prostate gland. If you stop ejaculation, the fluid stays in the gland, which tends to swell, causing thereby various problems.

7. Lose pain
Suffer from migraines and various pain? Well, sex is the solution! But if the pain is in the lower back, you should first consult a doctor, then enjoying erotic games with your partner.

8. Reduces the risk of cancer
Regular ejaculation reduces the chances of prostate cancer. In a study conducted in Australia has shown that men who ejaculate 21 times a month had highly decreased risk of making such a cancer.

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The benefits of making love daily
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