The top destinations in the Britain

The top destinations in the Britain

There are multiple attractive sites to visit in every country. It becomes difficult for any traveler to decide on a particular destination. However, there is a possibility to plan the perfect vacation by deciding on the destination. Britain is one of the most visited places in the European continent. There are several attractions, places, restaurants and historical monuments spread across the country that attracts people from different continents every year.

Tower of London

Tower of London achieves the top spot when it comes to attracting tourists. It has an interview and the most prominent place in history. The tower has been a prison since 1100. It has fascinating stories to tell and history lovers have the opportunity to spend maximum time gaining perspective into the numerous stories surrounding the Tower of London. Apart from its history, the art and construction are major attractions. People will also come across the Traitors Gate, and the ravens, which, according to the history should never leave the tower.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral has witnessed significant changes in the history of Britain. It has a noticeable position in the history, as it saw the wedding function of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. The historical monument gives an insight into the 1200 years of history and the opportunity to ascend the 237 steps of the spectacular dome. People have the opportunity to explore the whispering gallery and perhaps come down and examine the dark depths of the crypt.

Royal botanical Gardens

Walking 60 feet in the air crossing a forest glade in the midst of the extensive collection of living plants is breath taking, sightseeing experience. The Royal Botanical Garden is a UNESCO world Heritage site. It gives a unique experience to the visitors an opportunity to encounter with the botanical environment from around the world. People have the opportunity to know the nature of and close and can walk in the six glasshouses where they are free to roam and explore the smallest tree and the world’s tallest indoor plant.


A popular UNESCO World Heritage site attracts people from different continents. Most people are uninformed of the past and visit the destination to experience the scientific marvel. The mystery and the spirituality surrounding the Stonehenge draw a huge crowd every year. People have the possibility to study about the history surrounding the site and at the same time experience the beautiful landscape of the region.

Apart from the theme parks and the famous London Bridge, Britain, have numerous attractions that capture the intimacy of tourists. Exploring Britain at the right time provides a wonderful experience. People have the chance to come across the architectural marvels and engineering, apart from exotic animal and plant species. Apart from entertainment, these places also offer knowledge. Planning is an essential factor to explore Britain without any hassle. Finding and preparing the itinerary according to the requirement of the user makes it convenient to travel and spend maximum time with the locals.